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IzzyActive is personal brand of Izabela – Group Fitness and Zumba Instructor from Tamworth.

Izzy Active Class


Why group exercising ?

Group exercise class connects the benefits of many other forms of exercising:

  • Attendance – It is easier to actually go out and exercise if you have to be somewhere at the certain time – it does not sound like it but if you have to get to the class for a certain time it is more likely that you actually will exercise, at home you can always wait another hour 🙂
  • Motivation – As soon as you get to the class, group energy will increase your motivation levels. It is a lot easier to give your 200% when you have other people around you.
  • Trainer – In group fitness class, you do have an instructor , so all the planning, and overseeing is down to them. You just have to attend and do your best.
  • Choice – There is many group fitness classes to choose from, if you get bored of one, simply jump to the other.
  • Fun – Last, but not least – Group Fitness is fun ! You can meet great people, have a laugh, make friends and at the same time, work out very hard – could you even ask for more ?

Why IzzyActive ?

You know all the benefits of Group Fitness Classes by now, but now you may ask; “Why should I actually choose IzzyActive?”

Here is sample of “why’s”

  • Experienced Group Fitness Instructor – Izabela is an experienced fitness instructor. She has been involved in sports like dance, martial arts, football, basketball, Zumba classes, fitness classes, gym etc way before she started teaching so she has got experience from both trainer and participant point of view.
  • Energy – All the classes are full of energy and fun, you simply won’t need any extra motivation, because your energy levels will go up straight from the beginning of the class.
  • Passionate Instructor – This was a feedback from many participants – on Izzy’s classes you can simply see and feel her passion for what she does, which motivates you even more.
  • Classes adjusted to abilities and preference of members – Those classes are for members not for the instructor, so everything from the music to type of exercises ( as long as it meets the aim of the class) can be adjusted so members feel even greater.